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Discover your new balanced and fresh space



Together we clarify the purpose of your space. Is it your sanctuary or the launchpad? Or both? 

Let's Illuminate the vision.


We perform a deep cleansing, a tune up and a turbo charge on the most subtle layers of your space. We clear any distortions and open the dynamic pathways to support your highest potential.


We leave the subtle structure of

your space pristine, vibrant and

aligned to partner with you in your every creation.

Explore your new space..

Create Balance

Spirit, Body, Home and Business.



Judy is an immensely gifted intuitive. She works with sensitivity, clarity and heart, as she unveils, reveals and addresses hidden energies in the space.  Her work moves way beyond space clearing.... I'm convinced that everyone could gain great benefit from this profound journey with Judy.

                              Laura, The Ojai Foundation 





Everything is vibrating and has its own frequency.

This includes . . .  absolutely everything.

I listen to the vibration of each element, and where there is distortion detected, I hold space for balance.

 I trust and listen to the Intelligence of Spirit.

You can interpret that as God, Source, Nature, electrical circuitry or the laws of physics. It's all the same to me.

Balance. Harmony.

I act as a catalyst and then I allow for the recallibration.

Align.  Listen.  Allow. 


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For your Spirit, Body, Home and Business

Everything is vibrating and has its own frequency.

From your sanctuary to your launchpad, the energy around you should support your intentions and goals. 

Before drafting blueprints, building business plans, or bringing the new baby home, make sure your foundation is ready and in harmony. 


I’m a paragraph. Use this space to tell people more about what you do and the services you offer. Double click here or click Edit Text to get started.



I’m a paragraph. Use this space to tell people more about what you do and the services you offer. Double click here or click Edit Text to get started.



You live in a pulsating, vibrating Universe of advanced harmonics.
Everything that exists, in your air, in your dirt, in your water, and in your bodies

is vibration in motion.




Judy was amazing. She has a real gift for dowsing. What she did to heal my property was miraculous! She identified the source...


Carlisle, Architect


My rental property was turning into a nightmare. I had worked with Judy before on my personal home, which had an amazing transformation. 


Joan, Real Estate Agent


Judy Gabriel dowsed my new home and ranch recently and I was very impressed with this fascinating and intriguing process. 


Emmanuelle, Owner 225 acre Ranch


Facilitating Transformation through Energy Balance




Watch Judy Gabriel Energy Landscaping Rainbow Bridge in Ojai, CA.

NEW! Read the Published article featured in "Ojai Quarterly Magazine"

See Judy Gabriel of Energy Landscaping in

"Discover Ojai Monthly".



Judy Gabriel is an "Energy Landscaper".

She uses her intuitive vision, energy dowsing and many other tools to

clear distortions and bring harmony to your environment.

"Exploring the scientific aspects of the earth's frequencies feeds my logical mind. The miracles and magic that weave throughout my client land healing sessions prove to me that there is a divine spark in everything as well. We don't necessarily understand how science and this divine intelligence overlap. Possibly, science is the body of knowledge we understand, and magic is the label for the pieces we don't. 
 I just know my role is to bridge the gap beyond understanding -  to results.  

 It would be my honor to apply these skills to your space so it can support you with infinite possibilities."


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About Energy Landscaping

Harmonize your environment to achieve your goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions





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I couldn’t believe the difference in the feel of the place –Everything definitely shifted the day Judy came! Her joyful radiant presence and expertise with her craft really made a difference for us both. I have already hired her to come dowse my new home.


                              Jaya, Home Owner 


It's your place. Own your space. Harmonize it!

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