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lt's your place. Own your space. Let's harmonize it!

Your complimentary call includes an initial energy reading on your property, discussing your needs and observations, reviewing Energy Landscaping services, providing a q...
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Laura's Testimonial about Energy Landscaping

Judy is an immensely gifted and intuitive. She works with sensitivity, clarity and heart, as she unveils, reveals and addresses hidden energies in the space.  Her work moves way beyond space clearing.... I'm convinced that everyone could gain great benefit from this profound journey with Judy.

Laura, The Ojai Foundation 

What to Expect

Discover your new balanced and fresh space

We Connect

the Vision


  • Clarify the vision of your healthy body, perfect home & successful business.

  • Identify any imbalances and
    select Energy Landscaping  solutions.

We Harmonize

the Space


  • Open dynamic pathways to support your highest potential by deep energetic cleansing to eliminate distortions in your space.

  • Restore balance with you, your vision and the land. 

You Experience

the Change

  • Feel your vision, spirit, body and environment all in balance.

  • Step into your newly balanced harmonic foundation, ready to partner with you in your every creation.


For your Spirit, Body, Home and Business.

Everything is vibrating and has its own frequency.

Whether it is your sanctuary or your launchpad, the energy around you should support your intentions and goals. 

Before drafting blueprints, building business plans, or bringing the new baby home, 

make sure your foundation is ready to support your vision. 





Trust in the Intelligence of Spirit.

I listen to the vibration of each element, and where there is distortion detected, I hold space for balance. 

I trust and listen to the Intelligence of Spirit. 

You can interpret that as God, Source, Nature, electrical circuitry or the laws of physics. There is a natural state of balance and harmony. 

I act as a catalyst and then I allow for the recalibration back
into that balance. 



Balance your Body.

When our systems get out of balance, the distortions can affect our sleep, our moods and allow for disease.

I offer Tailored Body Balancing at The Resonance Healing Center in Ojai. I utilize a protocol of resonance harmonizing and meditations to recalibrate the body's systems.  From a place of balanced energy, the body can heal miraculously.



Reset your space​.

Harmony of a home requires a deep listening to the

needs of the residents, the house and the land.
Earthquake fault lines, underground waterways, and electro-magnetic frequencies can all wreak havoc on your peaceful haven.

By articulating your intentions, listening from the heart

and then clearing any energetic obstacles,

we can open up the full possibilities of the space.

Reclaim your space and harmonize it.



Align your business environment.

Does it seem like your company can't quite get ahead? When a business' property gets out of balance, the distortions can affect the products, staff and financial health. By harmonizing the company's purpose with the staff implementing it, the building and the land,

we allow for increased opportunity, efficiency and  financial flow.


You live in a pulsating, vibrating Universe of advanced harmonics.
Everything that exists, in your air, in your dirt, in your water, and in your bodies

is vibration in motion.

-Abraham Hicks

Watch Judy Gabriel Energy Landscaping Rainbow Bridge in Ojai, CA.

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Out in the world





Judy was amazing. She has a real gift for dowsing. What she did to heal my property was miraculous! She identified the source...


Carlisle, Architect


My rental property was turning into a nightmare. I had worked with Judy before on my personal home, which had an amazing transformation. 


Joan, Real Estate Agent


Judy Gabriel dowsed my new home and ranch recently and I was very impressed with this fascinating and intriguing process. 


Emmanuelle, Owner 225 acre Ranch


Facilitating Transformation through Energy Balance



Energy Landscaping

Harmonize your environment to achieve your goals.


What is ENERGY LANDSCAPING for the Home or Business?

ENERGY LANDSCAPING is a process to align the subtle energies of your home or business foundation with your intentions and visions for your life. The goal is to lift the vibration in the space (home, business or land) to a high enough level to energetincally support the possibilites with the highest potential. We want the space crystal clear so there is peace, clarity and flow. We detect any distortions in the field, eliminate them and open the pathways for new and higher energies to form. We lift the energetic roof and amp up the pipelines, upgrading the biofield. In other words, we make the place feel better! A key part of this process it detecting the distortions in the field that are inhibiting movement or growth. These vary, some physical and scientifically proven and monitored, and others more subtle that are still waiting for us to invent an instrument more sensitive than human to detect them. ENERGETIC DISTORTIONS One simple example is the EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) that you might be receiving from your neighborhood cell tower. We use many sensory tools to assist in the energy reading and remediating of the property.
One of the tools utilized is a pair of dowsing rods. Dowsing assists us in detecting energies both seen and unseen. Everything has its own frequency. The dowser detects the variances in those frequencies, between soil and water for example, and can "map" the area. Dowsing can be used to detect just about anything. Dowsers have varying sesitivities and some specialize in water, minerals and gases. My specialty is the variances in energies. I'm happy to answer any of your questions, we can set up a time to chat!

What should I expect at my ENERGY LANDSCAPING session?

1 - FREE CONSULTATION and quote via phone and/or video. We will chat about the process, answer your questions, provide an energy reading on the property and a quote. I will also be able to then tell you how long it will take on the day of our Energy Landscaping session. Land clearing depends on the size of the property, the number of people or businesses on the property and the severity of the distortions. 2 - ENERGY LANDSCAPING SESSION - On the day of your session we will spend about an hour together reviewing your intentions for the space, and any challenges you are experiencing within the family or business. We will establish a clear picture of how you would like the property to feel when you step on it and its purpose. I then take time on my own to explore the grounds, clearing any interferences or distortions that are affedting the space. 3 - ON-SITE OR REMOTE SESSION - This process can all be done in person or remotely. If the location prohibits on site work, we will meet online in a web conference setting. I then dowse the space using maps and a floor plan you provide. 4 - COST - The Energy Landscaping session cost varies depending on the size of the property, the number of people involved and the complexity of the situation. A one bedroom apartment will be less complicated and require less time than a 500 acre ranch with staff, a herd of cattle, and retreats on weekends. Prices vary from $350 and up. 5 - TOOLS OF THE TRADE I sometimes use tools that anchor a positive energy or transform a negative energy. These items vary in cost from $3-$140. The most common ones I recommend are: 1) Copper cures to block geopathic stress - $3 a piece 2) Twisted Sage Products - These copper rings are created through sacred geometry and very precise and conscious artisans. Their Golden FIre ring series convert the negative Electro-magnetic radiation from your phone, internet wifi box, and electrical "Smart -Meter" to a positive radiation. - Golden Fire Disc - $38 - Cell Phone Tab- $28 - WiFi Ring - $16 These can also be purchased in a three pack at a savings. Don't hesitate to call me or schedule your free consultation. I am happy to chat about your situation and we will both know if the time is right for you to explore your transformation.


Just as the different elements of the land,; water, soil, minerals, etc. all vibrate at a different rate and have their unique signature frequency, so do each of our bodies and their parts. Each of your organs vibrates at its own unique frequency. In addition, a healthy heart vibrates at a different frequency than one that is struggling with disease. I use the same techniques to sense the distortions in the body and I use a variety of remedies to bring balance back into the system. I am not a medical doctor and do not assess, prescribe or diagnose disease. We are aiming to balance energies for the body's optimum health. I see individual clients at: Resonance Healing Center 215 Church Road Ojai, California 93023 Feel free to call me for a time to talk more about your interest.

How do I know if I need an ENERGY LANDSCAPING?

Everything is vibrating and has its own frequency. Whether in the home, business or body, regular recalibration is necessary. The first question to always ask yourself is, "When I survey my Spirit, Body, Home or Business, do I feel a sense of joy?" If not, then something is awry. If a system is buzzing and on track, in alignment with its purpose, and has the fluidity for flow and change, it emminates joy. If it is constricted, manipulated, broken, or not in alignment with its purpose, it blasts out, "HELP!" So we LISTEN. New energies and intentions need to be accomodated. HOME ~ It may be that the purpose of the home or the environment has changed.

  • Are you buying a home? Selling your home?
  • Getting married? divorced? or having a baby?
  • Remodeling? Changing rental tenants?
  • Is it a vacation home or your primary residence?
  • Empty nest? Kids off to college and the baby's room is now an office?
TRAUMATIC EVENTS ~ There may have been a traumatic event on the property that has left an energetic scar. This could be a recent event or one that occured in the far past.
  • Was there conflict or violence in the space? war?
  • Did another culture or indigenous tribe live on the land and were removed?
  • Did someone die? (We can also help them transition.)
  • Was there a natural disaster, like a fire, hurricane or flood?
  • Do the structures feel in balance with the land?
  • Or do the buildings take more resources from the land than it can provide?
BUSINESS ~How is your business performing? Does it feel joyful and on track?
  • In your business, do you have some new goals or products?
  • Have their been unusual or constant staff turnovers? employee unrest?
  • Has there been a stable and fluid flow of finances?
  • Adding a warehouse? product line? New department?
  • Installing any large machinery? High tech equipment or more wifi bandwidth?
  • Swimming in EMF and a soup of frequencies?

    Your systems may need help adjusting.
THE LAND ~ Please consider the land. It has its own vibration and purpose.
Give it a voice.
  • Are there earthquake fault lines?
  • Is there balance with any water bodies on the land?
  • Is there "scarring" on the land?
  • Pollution? Land Fill?
  • Has construction inhibited the flow of water or the land's movement?
  • Was there a natural disaster on the land or waterway?
Sometimes we suggest changes to the actual structure(s), but most often we can balance it energetically and harmonize the energetic footprint to a higher intention. Reset. Recallibrate. Renew. Be kind to your space. This is a lot of information to process. So feel free to schedule a time and we can talk about your specific questions and situation. Your call is complimentary and with no obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on an FAQ below to learn more and feel free to connect directly with any additional questions!


About Judy

Judy Gabriel is an

"Energy Landscaper".

She uses her intuitive vision, energy dowsing and many other tools to

clear distortions and bring harmony to your environment.

"Exploring the scientific aspects of the earth's frequencies feeds my logical mind. The miracles and magic that weave throughout my client land healing sessions prove to me that there is a divine spark in everything as well. We don't necessarily understand how science and this divine intelligence overlap. Possibly, science is the body of knowledge we understand, and magic is the label for the pieces we don't. 
 I just know my role is to bridge the gap beyond understanding -  to results.  

 It would be my honor to apply these skills to your space so it can support you with infinite possibilities."

 -  Judy       


After 30 years of trying so hard to keep my corporate business life separate from my spiritual life, I have finally "Come Out". The principles of these so called separate worlds seemed so disparate, but I discovered that the subtle frequencies of spirit are imbedded in all aspects of our earth, including the financial sector. I now see that Spirit winding through all the puzzle pieces creates the glue for the mosaic we call Earth. The various parts of our lives are not separate but part of the whole. In other words, we must recognize the life-force in all things, the oneness of all that is, and our pivotal role in it all. Dowsing has further opened subtle energy connections for me. Exploring the scientific aspects of the earth's frequencies feeds my logical mind. The miracles and magic that weave throughout my sessions with clients prove to me that there is a divine spark in everything. I don't necessarily understand it. I just know my role is to find bridges to connect to it and harmonize it.
It would be my honor to apply these skills to your space so it can support you with infinite possibilities. Please feel free to write or call me. I would love to talk with you and together we will know if the timing is right for a visit. In gratitude, Judy

If you wish to understand the universe,

think of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla 


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lt's your place. Own your space. Let's harmonize it!

Your complimentary call includes an initial energy reading on your property, discussing your needs and observations, reviewing Energy Landscaping services, providing a q...
Connect with Judy
30 min
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Judy Gabriel Energy Landscaping Create B